Artist Statement

I create art that has been inspired by something that is happening in my life at that moment or by past experiences.  Every piece has a story and I love to tell the story in the form of my art.  I like working on large canvases with acrylics, using heavy textures to almost make the artwork three-dimensional.  I love adding gold/silver leaf to my pieces.  I believe this to be my signature statement and I am besotted with using the gold and silver leaf in most of my pieces.  I love how the light reflects off the leaf and with added texture the artwork looks different depending on what time of day you are looking at the piece.  I love seeing people’s reactions when they see artwork in person as it always looks better than in the photographs.

My art journey began to take shape in 2019 when I stopped working in the Banking and Finance sector to pursue my passion in art.  I always wanted to pursue this interest but I wasn’t brave enough to do so until I was approaching the age of 40 when things came into perspective.  I either did this now or I never would.

I create striking pieces that do not go un-noticed, and I thrive on improving myself and my techniques so I can create art that is different and unique. 

Artist Biography

Palak was born in a small village in Gujarat, India in 1979.  She came to London when she was six months old with her family.  Her family initially arrived and lived in Wembley, North West London, and later moved to Harrow when she was 3 years old.  She is one of five siblings, all girls, and has always been artistic from a very young age.  Coming from a large extended family she was, on many occasions, left to her own devices where she would experiment with ideas which built the foundations for her passion in art.

She resides in Ruislip, North West London, with her husband and two children.

Inspiration comes from her Indian heritage and also from shapes and patterns she observes around her.  She loves the vibrancy of the colours and culture in India and her earlier work portrays this well.

Her favourite medium to use is acrylics, coupled with gold/silver leaf to add some sparkle to her artwork.  She uses heavy textures in her artwork using various materials from modelling paste, heavy structure gel to plaster.  She is continuously experimenting with different materials to find interesting ways to create texture on canvas.

Palak is a self-taught artist, learning techniques from experimenting herself.  She has created her own style which is distinct and sets her aside from other artists.